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  • 1. I have My Account, and my mobile phone number has changed. Now I can’t enter the application and track my pension contributions. How to change data in My Account?

  • 2. Hello. I want to change the details, personal identification, mobile number.

  • 3. Why does the amount of investment return change?

  • 4. How can I get IPSA report through My Account online?

  • 5. Why incomplete information is contained in the IPSA report form?

  • 6. Can a legal entity receive IPSA reports for their employees?

  • 7. How can I get my pension accumulations for housing. After the message of the President of the country to the people a lot of time has already passed but there is no answer yet. I myself am a soldier, and as a young family we have no place where to live!

  • 8. How can pensioners withdraw their pension accumulations?

  • 9. What are the conditions for the payment of disability pension benefits generated from voluntary pension contributions?

  • 10. What documents are needed to receive the pension accumulations of a deceased contributor?

  • 11. Is it necessary to translate the seals from the pages of the passport from the Belarusian language into Russian, and to translate the last page of the passport from English and Belarusian into Russian, in order to receive pension accumulations by post.

  • 12. Hello! In what cases can I withdraw my pension accumulations? I have more than KZT 10 million of pension accumulations?

  • 13. How to receive pension accumulations due to leaving for a permanent residence outside the Republic of Kazakhstan?

  • 14. What pension payments from UAPF JSC are subject to individual income tax and in what amount?

  • 15. What is the list of necessary documents for opening an individual pension saving account for accounting for compulsory pension contributions?

  • 16. How are CPC transfers made in favor of individuals performing work and services under civil law contracts (CLC).

  • 17. In what terms compulsory pension contributions (CPC) transferred by the employer are deposited in individual pension accounts?

  • 18. Can foreign citizens and stateless persons staying in the territory of Kazakhstan submit an application for the opening of IPSA for CPC,COPC, conclude an agreement on pension provision at the expense of VPC?

  • 19. Can I independently carry out additional transfer of CPC to my individual pension savings account?

  • 20. Can I pay pension contributions after being retired?

  • 21. From what time does the Company have to accrue COPC for employees, from the moment of concluding an agreement with UAPF or from the moment of amending the pension legislation, i.e. from January 1, 2014?

  • 22. What is the list of necessary documents for opening an individual retirement account for accounting for compulsory occupational pension contributions ?

  • 23. What are the conditions for the payment of pension accumulations formed at the expense of VPC?

  • 24. How and where to pay UAP?

  • 25. Who carries out fiduciary management of pension assets of UAPF JSC?

  • 26. Regarding reimbursement of excessively withheld IIT.

  • 27. Can a pension contract be terminated due to a delay in the loan?

  • 28. Good afternoon! I would like to receive a duplicate of my agreement with UAPF. Can i get it by email?

  • 29. What is the amount of the minimum pension on April 01, 2020

  • 30. Regarding KZT 20 billion allocated by UAPF to the ZIKSTO plant of the North Kazakhstan region

  • 31. Are pension savings co-owned by spouses?

  • 32. Are there any guarantees on pension savings safety?

  • 33. Is it possible to receive the agreemen tby email?

  • 34. What to do if a contributor does not have enough money in the accounts for CPC, COPC, and VPC for transferring pension savings to an insurance organization?

  • 35. Can I use my pension savings from compulsory pension contributions to repay a bank loan?

  • 36. How do individual entrepreneurs transfer pension contributions?

  • 37. Can a contributor cancel a transfer of pension savings from UAPF to an insurance company?

  • 38. If I have lost his copy of the application for opening an individual pension savings account, can I get a duplicate?

  • 39. Good afternoon, I have a question, we have a disabled child and we have changed citizenship, when removing pension accumulations, will income from the entire amount of accumulations be calculated or not. What articles of the law regulate this type of deduction, the fact is that my mother also has a disabled child and when she retired she took advantage of the right to withdraw the amount of pension savings without calculating income tax. Thanks!

  • 40. Does an expiring or expired identity document apply for the quarantine period?

  • 41. Is it true that an amount of KZT 42,500 is paid to citizens from their individual pension savings in the Unified Accumulative Pension Fund?

  • 42. Are Single Aggregate Payment contributions taken into account for registration of targeted social assistance?

  • 43. Are the SAPs listed in the statement of the IPSA displayed by the date of transfer or the date of enrollment?

  • 44. The listed SAP contributions are often not received within 3 days. Why does it happen?

  • 45. Are the SAPs are taken into account when applying for a mortgage loan?

  • 46. Is it possible to return the SAP if the social payment of KZT 42,500 was refused?

  • 47. Contributors (beneficiaries) with a residence permit cannot pay the SAP. What could this be related to?

  • 48. Can сontributors (beneficiaries) pay 10% of the minimum wage?

  • 1. Что необходимо для открытия индивидуального пенсионного счета за счет обязательных пенсионных взносов, обязательных профессиональных пенсионных взносов?

    2. Существуют ли какие-либо гарантии сохранности пенсионных накоплений?

    3. Какими правами обладают вкладчики обязательных пенсионных взносов, обязательных профессиональных пенсионных взносов, агенты по уплате обязательных пенсионных взносов, обязательных профессиональных взносов?

    4. Какие обязательства закреплены за вкладчиками  обязательных пенсионных взносов, обязательных профессиональных пенсионных взносов, агентами по уплате обязательных пенсионных взносов, обязательных профессиональных пенсионных взносов?

    5. Могут ли иностранные граждане и лица без гражданства, пребывающие на территории Казахстана подать заявление об открытии индивидуального пенсионного счета за счет обязательных пенсионных взносов, обязательных профессиональных пенсионных взносов, заключить договор о пенсионном обеспечении за счет добровольных пенсионных взносов?

    6. Каким образом участвуют в накопительной пенсионной системе адвокаты, частные судебные исполнители, частные нотариусы, а также индивидуальные предприниматели?

    7. За счет чего должны формироваться обязательные пенсионные взносы  в период декретного отпуска?

    8. Можно ли осуществлять отчисление пенсионных взносов в пользу своих близких?

    9. При каких условиях можно получать выплаты из накоплений, сформированных за счет добровольных пенсионных взносов?

    10. Каким образом можно получить выписку со своего индивидуального пенсионного счета?

    11. Кто освобождается от уплаты обязательных пенсионных взносов в Единый накопительный пенсионный Фонд?

    12. При каких условиях можно получать выплаты из накоплений, сформированных за счет обязательных  пенсионных взносов?

    13. Кому перечисляются обязательные профессиональные пенсионные взносы, в каком размере и как их получить?

    14. Что такое пенсионный аннуитет?

    15. Я заключал договор с пенсионным фондом на основании удостоверения личности. Могу я использовать паспорт гражданина РК, в котором не указано отчество, при подписании соглашения на изменение/определение способа информирования?

    16. По вопросу начисления ОППВ работникам предприятия

    17. Пенсионные выплаты из ЕНПФ в связи с выездом на постоянное место жительства за пределы Республики Казахстан